Monday, November 12, 2012

Using request and command sentences

Mechanics - End Punctuation

Use a period to end a declarative sentence.

Use a period to end an imperative sentence. An imperative sentence makes a command or request.

Use a question mark to end an interrogative sentence. An interrogative sentence asks a direct question.

Use an exclamation point to end an exclamatory sentence or any strong exclamation. (A strong exclamation is called an interjection.)

Instructions: Put the needed punctuation in each of these sentences.

1. Don't run out in the street

2. Now is the time to support honesty in all aspects of life

3. Well Here we go again

4. Pay attention, will you

5. Who is that guy walking down the hall

6. He doesn't live here anymore

7. Get out of here

8. Did you bring the money that we need

9. Watch what you are doing

10. I will see you tomorrow


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